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"Coill Fidléir, one of the few remaining untouched areas of wildwood, is known to have been present since at least 1600.

It is said to be home to a number of dwellings and forts belonging
to the fairies. Very few people have ventured deep into this 
woodland and returned safely. Those who have tell of bright
lights that lead the way out..."

Fiddler's Wood is an atmospheric horror experience about being lost in the woods, it was made in 4 weeks by a solo developer for the Haunted PS1 Jam with a theme of "Folk Horror". 

You can follow the developer on Twitter for updates and to follow future projects. You can also buy the soundtrack on Gumroad to help support the developer!

W S A D - Move
Mouse - Look
Shift (hold) - Sprint
F - Toggle Flashlight


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This game was oozing atmosphere, I really enjoyed it. I'd say more true to what fairies would likely do if they found you in their territory. 

I did not read the description so I am dissapointed I really was hopimh gor somethimg different the fairy aspect made no sense anotherwise truly amazing.

I really think that you hit the horror atmosphere with this game spot on. I absolutely loved finding somewhere familiar after leaving the woods, only to find that it's only a twisted version of it.

Game good, me bad

Really interesting game, the ending surprised me. Loved the atmosphere.


This was great! Really creepy atmosphere in those woods. The ending was very unexpected. I enjoyed this! Great job!

No Commentary :)

I never expected to like this as much as I did, but the developer has a keen sense of style and atmosphere. The stylized presentation lures you in, the pacing keeps you engaged and the ending blows your mind! Very well done. Can’t wait to see what you do next! 

Neat little game, I liked the sound effects in the forest, good work :)

At a certain moment in the game I was getting tired of being lost in the woods and not knowing where to really go but I kept going. Never really have seen a horror-like game about fairies except for that one vr game but I don’t think that game is horror from what I’ve seen from it, also I’ve never finished that game.

With how this game ended I thought it was a pretty cool short and sweet game.

An interesting game. Loved the atmosphere.

This was a very strange. Love the art style.

interesting style.

I screamed too many times... I was so scared of jump-scares. Not a horror gal, but the design of this game is so worth it. Very good game. :)

Let's run and run

loved the ambience and the sound design! fantastic job!

Gave it a go, I hate forests

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fantastic spoooky